St. Francis House Episcopal Student Center

"For the love of God and neighbors"

About Mckenzie

Program Intern Mckenzie Kramer

Mckenzie graduated from the University of Oregon in 2010 with a cello performance degree. In the years following, she has enjoyed living and working in communities that have brought belonging and direction, growth and orientation, and much wonder at the complexity of our world, people and God. She cherishes her two years at L’Abri Fellowship in Switzerland, first as a student, and later as a member of staff. She is also thankful for an internship working alongside Kenyan staff as the volunteer coordinator for a non-profit. Mckenzie has also lived in Portland and Boston, where she enjoyed continued community with friends. In deciding to move to Madison, Mckenzie sought closer proximity to her sister, ideological middle-ground between the West Coast and East Coast and vocational direction. Mckenzie is grateful to be working at St Francis House alongside Jonathan, Kate, and Loren and is excited to get to know students and others in the community.