St. Francis House Episcopal Student Center

"For the love of God and neighbors"

Weekly Saint Francis House Schedule

We wanted to take a moment to express our love and gratitude for each and every one of you, and let you know what measures we are taking to keep our SFH family safe. Due to UW-Madison COVID-19 response policies, and the common health of our campus community, Saint Francis House will be closed for public meetings and worship until at least April 10. Please check back in early April to see the status of worship and gatherings at SFH.

Welcome to St. Francis House!

We are a student-led community of friends seeking to grow closer to God, one another, and others, engaging the world with the patience and joy of the Gospel. Everyone's welcome here. Located in the heart of campus, across from Lathrop Hall on University Ave. Summer hours change day-to-day by come by and see if we are open for a quiet place to study, pray, or gather with friends. Play the pianos! Sit by the fire. The space is open with no strings attached. What questions do you have? Contact us! We'd love to get to know you.

Lounge Hours

Currenly closed due to Covid-19. We will see you soon!